Interview with Alane Marder - President of Dongguan Brazil Women Association     02/05/2013 15:14

Alane Marder who is from Brazil and lives in Dongguan for 9 years from now. Just like the other Brazilian Associations in China, 1 in HK, 1 in Beijing, 1 in Macau and another in Shanghai. In 2008, She started the association in Dongguan as she knew the number of Brazilian Woman's live in the city and was here following her husbands , she wanted to have a group to help each other and make new friends.

Delta Bridges: Tell us about yourself as a president of Brazil Women Association

Alane Marder: I was born and grow up in Brazil, I graduate in leather technician there and I meet my husband during the course, we married and we left Brazil in 1995 to work in Indonesia. We work in Indonesia for 6 years and then we move to Holland. We stay in Holland for 2 years and then we came to China in 2003. I have 2 sons, 12 and 7 years old.When I first arrive in China I saw so many Brazilian woman's and with all experience I have in the other 2 countries I live before I did not believe that was no association for foreigners and Brazilian ladies here. So together with a friend (Tatiana Radtke) we decide to create de association. We put all our ideas together and we invite a few friends and in May of 2006 we start the AMBD. And has been a incredible experience to see AMBD (Associacao de Mulheres Brasileiras Dongguan) grow,, and to know so many peoples and to have help so many kids in the past 6 years.

DB: What has been your greatest challenge to be a president of a Brazil Women Association?

AM: Hard to say, during the 4 years I have been the president I past a lot of challenges, but I believe the hard one is always try to keep the group happy and together, understand that everyone things in a different way and try to choose the best direction and choices for the group .

DB: What types of situations put you under pressure, and how do you deal with pressure?

AM: There is a few situation that always put me under pressure, but I believe the hard one is that every time we do a big charity event , is always hard in Dongguan to active what we expect from the event, like the number of tickets we need to sell or the donations we expect to receive , so during the 2 months before the event I always feel under pressure with the team to active what we all have plan to raise. But I can tell you that I always deal with all of this in a positive thinking.

DB: What are the challenges of running Brazil Women Association in Dongguan?

AM: For the AMBD business the challenge is always when we organize a event to make peoples understand about charity and convince peoples to help more. To donate, to participate in the event.

DB: Would you have any advice for newcomers ?

AM: There is still a lot of opportunities in China, especially in South China. A change of country and job is always hard for a family, you always fine bigger challenges in new beginnings special so far away from home.But we can tell you that Dongguan today is a nice and modern city, you can find everything you need here and having AMBD or Ni Hao Neighbors in DG can make the new challengers a little easy for the whole family.

by Kelley Chanmui

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