Pullman Dongguan Forum GM W. Strauss Cheung
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For 36 years, Hong Kong native Mr W. Strauss Cheung has put his passion into hospitality, which is why he is highly regarded in the Asia-Pacific hotel world. Now, Mr. W. Strauss Cheung is bringing his expertise to the Pullman Dongguan Forum hotel as their General Manager. He's building a new house of order and splendor in the Dongguan deep.

Delta Bridges: What’s your secret to stay young? What’s your secret of success in the hospitality field?

W. Strauss Cheung: What keeps me young and ever younger is to be ready to fight, look for rooms to improve and keep up the happiness. I keep the balance between work and health. I work very hard till late and jog every morning, careful about the food, the amount of vegetables and meat I eat. The most important thing I would say is: it’s your attitude. Though being a general manager for 18 years as I am, the same position, but you can see from many aspects of the business. The way to communicate, to solve and deal with all kinds situations. There is always room to improve. Different competitors are on the way, you just need to be ready to fight and stay happy in all situations.

DB: What has made you feel proud of your achievements for all these years?

WSC: That many of my bellmen already have been promoted over these years. And I am still in the same position. (Laughing...-) The Vice President of Starwood used to work under me. In Guangzhou, The General Manager of Garden Hotel, Changlong Hotel, etc., they all used to be my junior staff members. I am very happy they have all moved up. What I want to say is my manager role makes me feel very proud.

For example, I came to the Pullman Dongguan Forum one month ago, but I have done training a few times here already. I train the staff myself, keeping track, and making sure they got it right with careful communication skills. There are still many skills they lack. They learned 80% from me of what is expected. If I just train the supervisors, and for them to train their subordinates, the expected target percentage will be lost somewhere along the chain.I have my motto of "MBO" (management by objective). I set a target for everything, tracking progress every day till it's achieved. After three misses, I will have some sorts of penalty to them. Another motto is "MBWA" (Management by Walking Around). This means walking around and making sure everything goes well. I also do regular inspections: I check the kitchen, the rooms, every-thing, not only the surface, but the bottom. What I mean walking around is walking deep and all over the place. I also conduct random inspections to make sure the services I receive are like other guests. I make sure I eat like other guests. I will not allow my name to be put down there, no advance plan. You just carry out the plan as usual: Plan-Organize-Direct-Control. This all creates a lot of improvement, as I ask my staff. I also make sure not to create tension. Having adopted these methods for many years, I find it works. I supervise personally. I stand there. they will do it right. I also require them to ask for more out of themselves.

DB: How does your hotel stand from others?

WSC: Resources. I push my managers to go out, not just listen. I tell them to go out and see for yourself. Don't use your ear to manage. We don't have to tell people how good we are; our guests can tell immediately from their experience here at the hotel. They can tell the moment they step inside the hotel. You pay peanuts, you get the monkeys. You get what you pay for; it's always like this.

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