Maria, first black foreigner can do Bian Lian     07/18/2012 09:40

Maria: My name is Maria. I’m from Africa, Sierra Leon. I’m an artist.

My Chinese dream is like having the Chinese culture and African culture and bring it all over the world.

I went to the Miss World you know the talent show, everybody know I can dance I can sing, so people think I would go to dance and sing you know? And because of the Chinese, they teach me their very typical culture, which is Bian Lian, the mask changing and it was very good, I was the first black foreigner you know to do it in the world. Someone said, destiny you know, I think it was really my destiny. In Chinese you say Yuan Fen.

I was really wanted to come to China to learn the Kung Fu and I said I want to learn how to make up, those beautiful make-ups and those beautiful costumes. You know JingJu (Beijing Opera), Jing Ju. They can make you very beautiful.

Maria said, "Bian Lian, the mask changing, I was the first black foreigner to do it in the world."

When I was born one month old I lost my father, and then I grew up with my mom since that time, my mom was sick.She started to have brain problems so when I was like six months old, she want to have a knife to kill me something like that. So they took me from her and I was growing up with my step mom.

They showed me where my mom was and she was really sick and when she saw me, she didn’t remember me.

She said sorry to me she can’t take care of me. I said it’s ok, I can take care. I said I’m happy you are still alive. I said don’t worry I will work and I will make money. I’ll find medicine for you one day,

They didn’t believe I can make it like this because Chinese people are so many you know for them to accept you. I didn’t go to school. It’s strange you know. Oh my god they say you are Chinese, you are just born in Africa. You are Chinese.

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