08/26/2015 18:24
    One of the most world’s hit badminton events – Sudirman Cup BWF World Mixed Team Badminton Championship 2015 finals took place in Dongguan
    02/03/2015 11:44
    Today you will lucky enough to enjoy the 2014 Yao Foundation Charity Game, played by Chinese Men’s Basketball Team against American Men’s Peak Team. Besides, stars like Tony Parker from San Anton...
    06/19/2013 16:59
    This episode of Dongguan Live is presented by guest hosts Michele Vervaeke and Renée Rommeswinkel, who have lived in Dongguan for over 10 years. In the show, Michele and Renée, together with thei...
    01/12/2013 07:15
    In this month's show, Geno gangs joined the Dongguan 50KM Hiking Trail who walk from Zhang Mu Tou town to Qing Xi town.
    12/10/2012 11:56
    Christmas is coming! If you don’t know where in Dongguan you can get Christmas cakes, our host Geno has the answer for you - Nancheng Oudila Coffee Shop. In this month’s Dongguan Live, Geno and h...
    11/10/2012 10:08
    Living in the basketball city Dongguan, our host Geno has become a basketball fans of Guangdong Southern Tigers. In this month’s Dongugan Live, Geno shows us the stadium of Guangdong Southern Tige...
    10/17/2012 11:53
    More Fast And Furious is your favorite movie,but you can only admire? You tell your friends that you can race like Lewis Hamilton?Now, you can not just racing in your day dream, you can actually r...
    09/14/2012 10:21
    Welcome to Dongguan Live! In this month’s show, our host Geno DeVille, took us to an ancient and local Dongguan gem, Keyuan Garden. Keyuan Garden is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong Pro...
    08/10/2012 15:29
    This month we'll be taking a look at the newest bike fad to hit china and also the most scary. That is DOWNHILL RIDING.
    07/10/2012 15:49
    This month’s show is quite literally fruity. Lychee season is upon us, so we will be finding out why 1.5 billion Chinese every year are drawn to these little juicy balls as if they were diamonds.