Downhill riding     08/10/2012 15:29

Stone Pan in downhill bike

In the past we have made a number of biking shows, showing you where to by bikes and where to ride, this month we'll be taking a look at the newest bike fad to hit china and also the most scary. That is DOWNHILL RIDING.

Now the first thing you need to know is, Bottom line DOWNHILL biking is dangerous.

So basically speaking, you push a bike up to the top of a hill or mountain and ride down as fast as you can, sounds simple enough but when you think that you can reach speeds up to 40 kilometers an hour going across rocks that you wouldn't even want to walk over. Is it any wonder that a lot of people get hurt? ESPECTYALY WHEN THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

This month we'll going to show you the bikes, the gear you'll need and give you some tips on just how to ride and how to stay as safe as possible. 

Geno is joined by his good friend and bike guru Stone Pan from Stones Bicycle Studio in Dongcheng. 

There's not much Stone cannot do on a bike, but as he has been riding and racing bikes in every way possible for the last 15 years it’s not really surprising.

Geno: Stone, welcome to the show, the first thing I want to talk about today is the bikes. If I want to start downhill riding, can I do it on my normal mountain bike bought from supermarket or do I need something special?

Stone: You can't use a bike from a supermarket. You need a special bike. The bicycle from a supermarket is designed for the traffic, not for sports. Even like the downhill sports, it's dangerous. You need a very strong bike.

Geno: Now I'm starting to understand. Look at this, I can see everything on this is bigger than normal. For example, the tires are a lot better. What's the reason for that?

Stone: It's designed for crossing over the rocks.

Geno: So, a downhill bike is basically bigger and stronger in every way possible. I guess that makes it a lot safer. The big burning question I know everybody wants to know, how much is your bike?

Stone: About RMB 35,000.

Geno: That's a lot of money for a bike. If somebody wants to get into downhill biking, but they didn't have that much money. Just for a bike, what would be a starting-level price?

Stone: If you really want to join the downhill riding, I suggest that you spend at least 20,000 yuan on the bike.

Geno: Is it worth it?

Stone: Yes.

Geno: When you think about it, the bike is designed to keep you safe, so the more money you spent, then the stronger the bike is and the safer you will be, I guess. So it makes sense.

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