Let’s go Lychee Crazy
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This month's show is quite literally fruity. Lychee season is upon us, so we will be finding out why 1.5 billion Chinese every year are drawn to these little juicy balls as if they were diamonds.

What makes them so special? Why do people love them so much? Where do they come from? What's their history?

We will be answering these questions and more as this month on Dongguan LIVE we go Lychee Crazy.

Geno at a lychee farm by Binhu Road of Songshan Lake, Dongguan

Here in China, there are about 60 different kinds of lychee, but only a dozen of them are well known. Today we are heading off to a lychee farm by Binhu Road of Songshan Lake where we are going to get the lowdown on these funny little fruits.

In China, Dongguan is one of the most famous areas for producing lychees and back in 1992 during China’s first Agricultural Expo, Dongguan’s Glutinous Rice Ball lychee was awarded the coveted gold prize.

The oldest lychee tree is in Qishi, and is approximately 600 years old. The widest lychee tree stands in Liaobu. It’s 130 years old, with a massive width of 18 meters.

The tallest tree stands in Fenggang, at also 130 years old, its boasts upwards of 18 meters in height. 

The highest yield of a lychee tree is in Xiegang. The tree is 180 years old, with a yield of about 1500 kg a year.

The fruit farm by Binhu Road of Songshan Lake is open everyday between 8 am and 6 pm and open all throughout the lychee season, which is from May until the end of June and costs 55 RMB to come in. It is large at 250,000 square meters and costs 55RMB to come in, which allows you to eat at many lychees as you can while you are here and any you want to take home are charged by the kilo.

The three main lychees grown here in the farm are also some of the most famous of all the lychees varieties, Sweet Osmanthus Flavour , The Concubine's Smile, and the famed Glutinous Rice Ball.

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