Chinese activist goes undercover to fight China-Africa ivory smuggling     09/08/2017 15:23

  Huang Hongxiang dedicates himself to preserving Africa's wildlife. Photo: Courtesy of Huang Hongxiang

Huang Hongxiang remembers the first time he went undercover as a researcher for animal protection NGO Eagle Network, when he pretended to be a merchant from Hong Kong and came face to face with a smuggler in Uganda.

He met the smuggler at a mall for lunch. The man was a neatly dressed middle-aged African, who talked in a civilized manner. Huang, a 30-year-old former reporter, remembered his preparations and the investigation experience the NGO's staff shared with him, and acted tense. He looked around, as if afraid the police might show up, and started questioning the Ugandan smuggler, "How do I know you are not undercover? How do I know whether you are trying to trick me?"

Seeing how nervous Huang was, the smuggler relaxed and started comforting him, "I've done this for many years, and it's always with you Chinese. Don't worry," he said.

They set a date for the cargo pickup. Huang brought money, the smuggler brought ivory and rhinoceros horn, and both met in an alley. Huang felt nervous, not knowing what the smuggler would do when the police showed up. Perhaps he would shoot at the closest target. Seeing how nervous he was, the NGO staff gave Huang a bottle of pepper spray.

But luckily, the smuggler had placed his trust in Huang. He was in a state of shock when the police showed up, and didn't even struggle when he was arrested.

来源:Global Times     Editor:Tan Jing