Shared bikes revitalize cycle industry     03/16/2017 09:19

A worker is assembling an Ofo shared bike in a Tianjin factory. [Photo:]

A worker is assembling an Ofo shared bike in a Tianjin factory. [Photo:]

Until fairly recently, bicycle production had been considered a sunset industry, but a nationwide resurgence caused by the popularity of shared bikes has given it a second lease of life.

Li Dewu, the manager of a bike production company based in Shenzhen says he never expected such a spike in demand.

Last year the downturn in demand had Li worried about his business, but an order for thousands of shared bikes just before the Chinese New Year turned things around. Li described the major deal as a second madness in his twenty year career that made him both excited and yet also a little nervous.

A shared bike assembly line in Tianjin [Photo:]

  A shared bike factory in Tianjin [Photo:]

Hu Zefeng, who runs a cycle production company in Shenzhen, also had a busy few months with deals for over 1.5 million bikes received in total. "We have employed about 500 new workers and added 7 more assembly lines from Shenzhen to Tianjin." Hu said.

The demand for bike parts and accessories has also seen a boost. Du Kaishan, manager of a bike saddle provider said: "my factory is over loaded now, with hundreds of thousands saddles having to be made in a single deal every month."

A shared bike assembly line for Mobike in Tianjin [Photo:]

Tires for Mobike from a shared bike assembly line in Tianjin [Photo:]

The ubiquitous shared bikes are causing a stir in China. Companies such as Ofo and Mobike have over 10 million registered users and distribute cycles to every corner of cities including Beijing and Shanghai.

According to statistics from the China Cycle Association, over 2 million shared bikes have been placed in more than 30 cities in China since 2016.

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