Barefoot school principal photo goes viral     09/06/2017 11:02

(image via southern metropolis daily)

(image via southern metropolis daily)

Guangdong was yesterday blasted by Typhoon Mawar, forcing schools in seven cities across the province to close yesterday (Sept. 4). Although the typhoon was a little bit scary, there were heart-warming moments to be witnessed during the storm.

A photo taken yesterday that is currently going viral online depicts a barefoot school principal named Xiong Jinshen standing in front of the entrance to Shenzhen Longgang Distirct Nanwan school. The reason he was doing so was to inform students who hadn’t read the notice regarding the cancellation of classes to return home. At the time the photo was taken, he had already told over 300 students to go home.

When the photo was posted on WeChat moments, it generated many likes, with comments including “I am so touched by Principal Xiong”, “A principal with the most beautiful heart” and “I feel so assured sending my child to Nanwan school”.

The city of Shenzhen issued a red rainstorm alert yesterday morning. The Shenzhen Longgang Distirct Nanwan School had informed parents not to send their children to school via the school bus driver as well as WeChat group chats.

来源:Guangdong Radio     Editor:Tan Jing