Intl shopping festival to hit Guangzhou     09/01/2017 10:55

The spectacular Niagara Falls and amazing maple forests can be seen at the 2017 Guangzhou International Shopping Festival set to be held in Guangzhou from Sept 29 to Oct 28.

Held in Guangzhou's Tianhe Road business area, this year's event is not only a shopping festival but a Canada-themed cultural occasion.

Since 2012, Guangzhou has collaborated successively with Singapore, France, the UK, Australia, the US and New Zealand to host five international shopping festivals. This year's event will feature more than 100 famous Canadian brands, with the number of participating brands hitting a record high.


An aerial photo shows Guangzhou's Tianhe Road business area at night. [Photo/]

Moreover, the festival will also join hands with China Southern Airlines and to get more people involved in the event and increases its exposure.

The festival will cover a total of seven areas, including areas for science and technology, tourism, famous brands, fine arts and education, all showcasing Canada's diverse culture. During the festival, a range of scenes will be set up, including indoors scenes featuring Canadian maple forests, Niagara Falls, Indian tribes and Bethune village, and outdoor scenes featuring Stanley Park and totem poles.

Hockey fans will also be treated to a hockey game, as several Canadian teams have been invited to perform in Grandview Mall. Other highlights will include a street music festival, street dances and performances given by Canadian bands Hello Canada and Beatleband.


The 2017 Guangzhou International Shopping Festival will kick off on Sept 29, according to a press conference held on Aug 23. [Photo/]


Tom Cumming, consul of the Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou, delivers a speech at a press conference for the 2017 Guangzhou International Shopping Festival. [Photo/](Editor: Will)

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