Information sharing economy grows in the SSGKC     08/24/2017 09:45

Based on Singapore's experience, the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City will be developed to be both suitable for living and working. [Photo/]

Great importance was also attached to intellectual property as a bridge between scientific achievement and real productivity.

The, SSGKC has taken the protection and application of intellectual property as its core mission. In the past eight months, the place has become home to the Guangzhou intellectual property arbitration court, the Patent Examination Cooperation Center of the Patent Office, the State Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong as well as several intellectual property trade institutions.

Early in July, the construction of the GE bio-campus, which is planned as an industry leading bio-pharmaceutical and healthcare industrial park began at SSGKC, with investment reaching $800 million.

The SSGKC has attracted investment, talent and advanced bio-medical technology companies to Guangzhou. As of now, more than 600 enterprises in biological medicine industry and health industry have located themselves in Guangzhou's Huangpu district and the Guangzhou Development Zone, with operational revenue in 2016 reaching 52.3 billion yuan ($7.8 billion).

Apart from establishing a great atmosphere for the development of the information sharing industry, the SSGKC is also fully exploring its “Singaporean Elements" in terms of areas including community construction, talent training and preferential policies, and on August 21, the Singapore Manufacturing International Center (SMIC) was unveiled in the SSGKC.

It is the flagship platform for enterprises from Singapore and China to boost cooperation and technological innovation.

Currently, five Singapore manufacturing enterprises are to locate within the SMIC. To provide solutions for China's current upgrade of industrial manufacture, the Singapore companies housed within the SMIC will partner with local manufacturers on robotic technology, AR, big data application and analysis, and so on.

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