Guangzhou Metro seeks tighter security checks     08/11/2017 09:39

Guangzhou Metro plans to increase the rigour of its security checks, according to a bidding announcement to outsource security checks released on August 9.

Under the new security measures, all passengers will be required to go through airport-style body scanners. Furthermore, as already in place in a number of stations, all baggage must be put through an X-ray scanner before entering the subway station.

It is estimated that the new measures will cost almost 3 billion yuan, which is to be used for the purchase of 855 pieces of security checking equipment and the hiring of 12,000 security guards.

The plan outlines that the tightened security measures will be in effect for at least three years (from Sep. 25, 2017 to Sep. 24, 2020).

来源:NewsGD     Editor:黎昭怡