SZ doctors treat unconscious passenger on train     05/19/2017 11:14

  FOUR doctors with Longhua District People’s Hospital provided emergency treatment to a female passenger who had passed out on a high-speed train from Guangzhou to Guizhou on Wednesday, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

  The train attendants on G2926 announced over the intercom that they were looking for doctors after a passenger fell faint on the train at noon Wednesday. He Anyong, director of the hospital’s ICU department, and Liao Huixiong, deputy head of the hospital’s rehabilitation department, headed to where the passenger had fainted immediately after they heard the broadcast.

  He checked the passenger’s pupils, face and fingernails and stethoscoped her heart and lungs, while Liao checked her blood pressure. Two other doctors, Zheng Xuesi and Zhong Wenzhen, sent away onlookers who were standing around the passenger to ensure that she could get enough oxygen.

  After a simple checkup, the doctors confirmed that the passenger had passed out due to hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. She regained consciousness and her heartbeat, breathing, pulse and blood pressure recovered to normal after drinking some warm sugar water.

  After Zheng got off the train at around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, he got a text massage from the train’s conductor, surnamed Li, who told him that the passenger had fully recovered. “On behalf of the train crew and the passenger, I sincerely appreciate your timely help,” Li said. (Zhang Yang)

来源:Shenzhen Daily     Editor:叶子伦