Shenzhen Pingshan cultural industry boasts rich resources     05/18/2017 10:47

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Hechangyuan Museum in Pingshan is a private museum that holds collections ranging from Chinese paintings to porcelains.

  Pingshan District has rich cultural tourism resources including 73 cultural facilities such as Pingshan Branch of China National Academy of Painting, Memorial Museum of Dongjiang Guerrilla, Guangzu Middle School, 108 culture protection sites and well-preserved Hakka-style enclosed houses, plus a good ecological environment.

  The district is speeding up construction of its culture center, which covers 98,000 square meters and is home to an opera house, a library, a gallery, a culture hall, a book city, a movie theater and a convention center.

  The project, with a floor space of 111,100 square meters, will be put into use in 2018.

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