Guangzhou airport to deploy anti-drone air fence     02/16/2017 09:45

Guangzhou's Baiyun Airport is actively researching interception techniques to block intrusions by drones, and is hoping to deploy a system by the end of the year.

According to Huang Hao, deputy manager of the airport, the new technique will function as a defensive electronic air fence that can disrupt an approaching drone's control system and bounce it back.

Huang says they already have a patrol team in place to monitor intruding objects but need additional drone-blocking systems around the air zone to add greater security.

There have been several cases already this year of civilian drones flying into airports and interrupting airlines.

A drone was reported on Jan, 15 within the protected air zone of Hangzhou's Xiaoshan International Airport, shooting film of airliners landing and threatening aviation safety. (See video above)

Similar incidents took place in Kunming's Changshui International Airport in February when several drones reportedly flew around the airport area, one of them only 50 or so meters away from a plane in flight.

On Feb, 2, a suspected drone was found hovering over Mianyang Airport of Sichuan Province and the airport suspended all departing and arriving planes for safety.

According to Yang Jieqiong from the Shenzhen drone industry association, the drone market has been developing in China rapidly in recent years but lacks related surveillance and regulations to guarantee security.

She says that drones can actually be intercepted through technological methods but few domestic airports are equipped with such technology.

According to aviation laws and regulations, the airport's protected air zone runs 20 kilometers beyond the runway and 10 kilometers either side.

People face certain penalties for flying drones in this area.

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