The 16th Asian Marathon Championship & 2017 Dongguan International Marathon begins signing up     08/21/2017 08:54

The first press conference of the 16th Asian Marathon Championship and 2017 Dongguan International Marathon was held in Dongguan on 17th August, 2017.

On 17th August, 101 days before the start of the 16th Asian Marathon Championship and 2017 Dongguan International Marathon, the Organizing Committee held their first press conference in Dongguan. Yang Xiaotang (Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee, Director of the Publicity Department of Dongguan, and Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee), Shui Tao (Director of the Marathon Office of the Athletics Management Centre of General Administration of Sport, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Athletics Association and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee), and Huang Huihong (Director-General of the Dongguan Sport Bureau) attended the conference. 

The conference primarily discussed event fundamentals, preparations, signing up, investment,highlights, features,and contents of the slogan solicitation activities.

Event Upgrades Standards and Scale

Mr. Yang Xiaotang confirmed Dongguan's successful bid for the two consecutive 2017 and 2019 Asian Marathon Championships. Competition this year is scheduled to be held in Dongguan at the same time with the 2017 Dongguan International Marathon on 26th November, which is sponsored by the Asian Athletics Federation, the China Athletics Association and Dongguan government. The Asian Marathon Championship is the only intercontinental event in Asia, and Dongguan is the third city to undertake this event after Beijing and Hong Kong. Professional athletes from 45 countries and regions across Asia are invited to this championship, which will be an international event with a high level of competition and professional organization.

This year there are more than 30,000 contestants, double that in 2016. The competition consists of 4 events; the full marathon (42.195 km with more than 6,000 contestants), the half-marathon (21.0975 km with 8,000 contestants), the mini-marathon (5.2 km with 10,000 contestants) and the Carnival Fun Run (2.6 km with 4,000 contestants). This competition is expected to attract more than 48,000 participants, including athletes, staffs, volunteers and media representatives. 

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:容艳君