Belgian Consul-General visits Dongguan     08/16/2017 10:28

On 14th August, Joris Salden, the Belgian Consul-General stationed in Guangzhou, visited Dongguan’s government leadership to discuss cooperation and exchange with Belgium. Deputy-Mayor Huang Qinghui met with Shao Dehui and his companions.

Huang Qinghui’s presentation stressed Dongguan’s importance as a manufacturing city in China, with last year’s foreign trade import and export value at 1.1 trillion RMB. With 11,000 foreign trade enterprises in Dongguan, this equates to an annual average import and export value of 100 million RMB each. This is an accomplishment by Dongguan’s focus on improving the local manufacturing infrastructure over several years.

Huang Qinghui confirmed that several Belgian enterprises in Dongguan are engaged in traditional manufacturing, such as furniture or shoe making. These traditional manufacturing industries are very significant to Dongguan, being one of four major local industries. Manufacturing distribution in Dongguan is also becoming increasingly balanced, and welcomes Belgian enterprises, especially start-ups. Promoting the transition and upgrade of manufacturing, and the continuous optimization of government services, are Dongguan’s two major long term focal areas. It is expected that Belgian experience will enable all kinds of enterprises in Dongguan get achieve greater development.

Statistics from the Commercial Bureau show that as of May 2017, there were 5 Belgian enterprises invested in Dongguan, with a total contracted foreign capital of US$33.17 million. These were mainly manufacturing enterprises, engaged in textiles, fabrics, shoes and wooden furniture. In the first 5 months of the year, the total trade volume between Dongguan and Belgium was US$280 million.

Joris Salden said he had visited Belgian enterprises in Dongguan before, but this was his first official visit to the Dongguan government. He hopes to enhance communication and connection between the two, and further understand new policies of encouraging foreign investment.

(By Stefanie Tan, Sammi Li and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:黎昭怡