1st Anniversary of Dongguan Metro: 35 Million Passengers
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  As of 20th May 2017, Dongguan Rail Transit Line 2 has been stable and safely operated for 359 days. A cumulative total of 35.21 million passengers have used the line, with the daily passenger capacity around 98,000. Accumulative train operations have reached 95,797 over 33.65 million kilometres, with train punctuality at 99.94%. 99.97% of the train network was available, with no major accidents to date.

  On 9th June 2016, the day of Dragon Boat Festival, passenger capacity peaked at 250,000, making it the busiest day of Dongguan’s Rail Transit system first operational year. It was also the first day that the Dongguan Rail Transit Company executed passenger flow control.

  In this first year, Dongguan Rail Transit has also experienced the first Spring passenger flow. On request of the Public Security Bureau, Dongguan Metro extended service hours to 2am following the Lunar New Year’s Eve. Convenient facilities such as spring transport service points, luggage barrows, free water and green channels for spring transportation were provided. This series of measures guaranteed a safe operation and improved service quality of Line 2.

  From 13th January to 21st February, Line 2 operated an accumulative 10,865 trains over 384,000 kilometres. Train punctuality was at 99.99% and 100% of the network was available. Passenger capacity peaked at 90,100 whilst accumulative passenger capacity hit 3,600,000 for this period.

  Dongguan Railway Station, Dongcheng, Hongfu Road, Liaosha and Humen are the most popular railway stations.

  By 2nd September 2016, total accumulative capacity exceeded 10 million. Three months later on 18th December, it surpassed 20 million, then 30 million on 2nd April. To date, accumulative passengers have exceeded 35 million.

  The Dongguan Rail Transit Line 2 influences city space structure, by easing traffic jams, driving scientific development, and promoting rational land use. Meanwhile, Dongguan metro has also helped adjust the city public traffic system. The connection between buses and metro gradually forms a metro driven and multi-layer public traffic system which will ease citizens green travel options.

  (By Fiona Yip and Sev Pischl)


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