10,000 RMB cash prize for new Dongguan city slogan
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Dongguan has launched a public solicitation for a new promotional slogan for the city, with the winner to receive a 10,000 RMB cash prize. The winning pick will be used as the theme slogan for Dongguan city publicity, and therefore be widely used in promotional films, public service advertisements, publicity reports, theme activities and other carriers or occasions.

On 6th April, the City Image Promotion Office of Dongguan released “the Call for Solicitation for City Image Promotion Slogan”. This activity is open to the entire public, and seeks a slogan which will reflect the spirit and characteristics of Dongguan City, as did the retiring slogan, "Dongguan, vibrance blossoms every day".

The slogan must highlight the urban characteristics of Dongguan, such as "manufacturing" and "vitality", but also to reflect the city spirit and humanist characteristics. It is expected to not only accurately encapsulate the affinity, appeal, and attractiveness of Dongguan City, but also carry an impressive air. The slogan must also be concise (16 words or less), distinctive, catchy, easy to read and remember, and easy to promote. It must also be positive and clearly unique from slogans elsewhere.

Entries can be submitted between 7th to 20th April, by emailing dgslogan2017@126.com or using the new media platform, which you can find on the government website. The organizer will collate and assess submissions, with the result to be announced in early May. Eleven slogans will be selected, the ultimate winner to receive 10,000RMB and the ten runners-up to receive 1,000 RMB.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

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