Notification on COVID Prevention & Control in Dongguan (No.61)
All villages (communities) and residential quarters in Dongguan city are resuming open all entrances and exits in an orderly manner.
Notification on COVID Prevention & Control in Donguan (No.60)
Starting from May 18, Dongguan will suspend the door-to-door delivery service of inbound parcels but set up the centralized pickup stations for the recipients.
Enjoy the rosy sunset in Dongguan
Let's enjoy the photos together!
16 cultural and tourism routes to explore Dongguan
These routes connect several Dongguan cultural brands involving dragon boats, Guanxiang, Kylin, preserved meat and sausage.
The Opium War Museum, a gateway to learn the history of the Opium War
The museum is dedicated to collecting, researching and displaying the historical materials of Lin Zexu's opium destruction and the Opium War.
Dongguan saw the highest birth rate in Guangdong
It is also the third city in the province with a population of over 10 million.