Viewing the blossoms     03/27/2014 17:04


  Visitors take a close look at blooming Mucuna birdwoodiana blossoms at Dawangling Forest Park in Qingxi Township of Dongguan March 27.

  Spring has begun, and so has Dongguan's obsession with Mucuna birdwoodiana blossoms. The pale yellow blossoms are in full bloom, signaling that it's time for the Mucuna birdwoodiana blossoms festival.

  On March 27, The 2nd Qingxi Flower Admiring Party began at Dawangling Forest Park in Qingxi Township, the place in Dongguan with the most and longest history of Mucuna birdwoodiana blossoms. The party will last to April 15.

  (By Zhou Mingfeng)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:叶子伦