Wang Becomes China's Biggest Surname     04/19/2013 09:39

  Wang has surpassed Li and become the most popular Chinese surname, according to a report by the China Fuxi Cultural Research Association.

  Latest research has revealed that Wang(王) has replaced Li (李) to become the most popular Chinese surname, as told in a report released on April 14.

  According to the report released by China Fuxi Cultural Research Association, Wang, Li and Zhang(张) are the top three surnames which have the biggest population in China. Each of name has over 90 million people, and combined they form about 21 percent of China's population. The situation is different in Guangdong, however, as Chen ranks the top and Huang follows as second.

  The association conducted the statistics for three years since 2008. The research is based on the database provided by China's Ministry of Public Security and the identification services of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. "It has become the most complete surname statistics on all China's territories so far," said Yuan Yida, a researcher at the association.

  Yuan said the populations of Wang and Li have always been the top among other surnames in history, but the ranking is different at different times. In the association's previous research released in 2006, the population of Li became the top because the data of Wang's population in places like Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qianghai and the cities in Northeast China, where Wang has a big population, were unable to be found.

  (By Lynus Tan, Rik Glauert)

来源:Life of Guangzhou     Editor:叶子伦