Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dancing     12/19/2013 15:43

  There is lots of dancing in the shape of animals in Dongguan, such as dragon dancing, phoenix dancing, lion dancing, kylin dancing and Pixiu dancing. Chang’an Town and Zhongkeng Village of Shipai Town have been given the title of honor “the homeland of awakening lion art of Guangdong province” by the provincial cultural department. Qingxi Town and Zhangmutou Town are both well-known homelands of kylin art in and out of China. Every Lantern Festival hundreds of awakening lions, golden dragons, colorful phoenixes and kylins participate in the tremendous Lantern Festival celebration activity. Millions of people attend and watch this celebration.


  Lion Dancing



  Dragon Dancing

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:叶子伦