DDCK Art Gallery
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  Dongdi Storehouse is founded in 2006, a new oil painting culture promoting company in modern China. Its major is the investment, packing and promotion of the modern oil painting arts. It is mainly organized by signed artists and actively support and ensure the creating space for artists. For collectors, it will adopt a whole-process consultant service to satisfy the collecting demand for the modern oil painting articles of origin.

  Dongdi Storehouse operates the art works in the height of internationalization and creates an open communication platform for creators and collectors.

  The enterpriser Mr Dondy is the host of the storehouse. He always makes effort to the area of art and collection. He is not only the agent of the famous artist Mr Yinqi, but also the president of his appreciation club. Mr Dondy aims to work with artists together to handle the value of arts. We contribute our professional invest experience and predition of the flow to the increment of art.

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