Chinese teacher in Dongguan
2012-2-26 16:17:08 (from Alice China email to me print

Hi there,

Is there anyone want to study Chinese I am a Chinese teacher that good at English also in the center of Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, the rates for private lesson is negotiable, I can teach the person who never speak Chinese before or know little about Chinese, I can just speak English in the first several courses, and speak more and more Chinese when your Chinese become better.

1. I will compare the English and Chinese to teach the Chinese pronunciation (Pin Yin), grammar, usually I will teach you Chinese pronunciation (Pin Yin) firstly, then Chinese writing, then the sentence frequently used in your daily life and the grammar of the sentence related, I will check with you about the topic that you are interested in, and useful to you at first then plan the course, there are some of the topics I used before for your reference.

Some of the topics:
1. How to ask the clerk in Bank to help you exchange the US dollar or other currency into RMB,
2. Oderingod in restaurant.
3. Making phone calls.
4. Living in the hotel, how to talk with waiter.
5. Asking people’s help to tell you the way to a place.
8. Numbers, Year, Month, week related topic
9. Shopping
10. Transportation

2. I lived in the center of Dong Guan city, its Dong Cheng District, which only need 10 minutes to arrive Nan Cheng District, Guan Cheng District, so I can teach the person lived in Nan Cheng District, Dong Cheng District and Guan Cheng District. And you can choose the place of teaching at your convenience.

3. Now I do my work at home, no need go to the office, so my time is flexible, you can choose the time of lesson at your convenience, and I can arrange my time to match you time schedule.

If you are interested in it, please contact with me by sending email to Thanks!