Professional Business English Classes in Dongtai Garden
2012-3-31 15:30:12 (from JohnLombard Canadian email to me print
Absolute Executive is a new school just for business people! We don't teach children, we don't teach teenagers, we only teach adults...when you go to class, your classmates will be people like you, adults who are working in business, and want to improve their Business English. Absolute Executive was started by John Lombard, a Canadian teacher and businessman who's been in China for 20 years. All classes are designed to be practical, focusing specifically on the needs of business people. We teach all levels of language, from beginner through to advanced. Our biggest difference from other schools is that since our students are learning English in order to communicate and do business with foreigners, it is also important to understand other 20% of every class will focus on teaching you culture, as well as language. All of our foreign teachers are highly qualified, and of top order to teach for us, they must have professional training and experience in teaching, and also must be experienced in business. For more information, check out our website at, or phone us at 28685085 for more information. We offer free demo classes for all potential students, so you can check out the quality of our programs and our teachers before you sign up. We are located at the South Gate of Dongtai Garden, and are open 7 days a week. We are looking forward to hearing from you!