Foreign Trainer (FT)
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Job Details:   Small classes Prepare to teach and implement the WSE classes to an adult student base Meetings: Monthly meetings with Service Manager, and center meetings, etc. Give feedback to students Teaching and implementing the certified WSE Method   Qualifications   Please note that the first four are required in order to obtain a working visa:   Native Speaker of English (United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa)   University degree, Bachelor’s or equivalent   Celta/Trinity certificate or equivalent TEFL certificate A minimum of 24 months teaching experience is required, which must be post-graduation   Able to get a Criminal Background Check   Willing to work weekends Sociable, dynamic, inspiring, energetic, and organized   ***Please note that all teachers who wish to acquire a Z-Visa are required to obtain a release letter, and a cancellation letter upon completing their contract with their previous employer, if the employer was within China. *****Please mention where did you find us when applying.Thank you!