Dong Guan the first use English conducted Yoga Teacher Training Course and Private Yoga Class service
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  Private Yoga / Yoga Therapy / health consultation Originally, yoga is taught by the same teacher a student directly. China ancient great teachers to personalize each yoga experience to meet the needs of the students the importance of. Today, a private session allows a more intimateview into your practice. You can start a new actual, deepen your practice or to spend some time with injury or working conditions. When working with the teacher you one on one, teachers can help you to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, personal way. Yoga is an invaluable tool and experience for students at all levels. Private course provides the perfect setting for your goals and personal interests of thework. You can use your choice of teachers' work or we can cooperate with the teacher to meet your needs. Yoga can help you deepen your practice, gain confidence, answer questions and provide guidance. We need the teacher can make a family practice for your personal. Why go to yoga class? New students As a new student, you may receive the public class environment stress. Privateyoga class, let the teacher have the opportunity to focus on you make sure you get a good start. Private teaching yoga can help you into the public classin china. We can also provide a Class A and your teacher, on an ongoing basis. Have the experience of students Experienced students benefit as the soldiers. You can have a better understanding of the specific position or categories of posture, you're interested in. Private yoga is the perfect learning environment. Adjustment, ourteachers can help your attitude changes, can help you establish a balance of domestic practice. Private yoga classes can also give students with experienceto learn yoga philosophy or other interested parties, such as meditation and breathing exercises. Therapeutic yoga session negotiation For those who are injured or face a healthy working conditions, treatment ofyoga can help you do yoga and promoting healing. Learn how to adapt theyoga you need from a specially trained teacher. Treatment of yoga practicecan help you manage health conditions and may reduce the symptoms. Self nursing privates reduce pressure from the back nursing basic to yoga to meet people for management and lessen the pain and suffering of need. If you are facing health challenges, highly skilled teachers we can help you manage yourcondition, reduce your symptoms and improve quality of life. Who interest kind contact : 13650190321 or wechat :  sweeseng21