Any Graphic, Multimedia, Advertising or Game Designers around? Anyone interested in learning?
2014-7-29 9:36:10 (from Peter Canadian email to me print
Hi Everyone, I just moved down to Dongguan and I'm looking to see if there is a community or individuals around who are into design. My background is in these fields and I'd love to meet up with others who have similar interests, or people who would like to learn some design. I can do a free short talk or hands on lesson to give a bit of an introduction or try to accomplish a very quick project in 1 session. (Adobe, Maya, open source design and development, Video, Web, Unity3d, Creative Teams, The Creative Advertising Industry...Making an Advertisement, a quick 3d game world, programming basics, etc, etc.) Just for fun, over coffee or beer! I'm planning more formal training later on for those who want to learn more, or wish to collaberate in some design training and exchanges. I'm in Huojie but I can move around wherever to meet at a cafe that's me a chance to see more of the city. Just send me an email or qq message at ( ) - Peter