HOUJIE: Football; talking; music; cycling; language exchange; travel etc
2014-7-20 18:40:57 (from John British acton28@hotmail.co.uk) email to me print
Nǐ hǎo / Hello / How do, I'm here in Houjie with my wife, from Manchester, UK.  I'm looking to expand my social networks, locally.  I think you call it language exchange.  My Mandarin is bad; I want to improve and try harder to learn more. Also, if you like playing football, light jogging, other exercises (outdoors - NOT in gyms), cycling, etc give me a yell. My interests are football, cycling, travel, movies (Xingx International cinema is good), music, and culture. Thank you kindly, John (acton28@hotmail.co.uk) / QQ: 2814963400