Dongcheng Apartment for Rent (near bar street)
2013-11-10 14:59:41 (from Grazi email to me print
New World Garden apartment for rent Building 5 - 2nd floor (next to tennis courts/swimming pool and Club 1 restaurant) The apartment is on the back, facing the road and I get to see beautiful sunsets 2 bedrooms - Wooden floor, clean and cockroaches free (I exterminated them months ago) Furnished and has already a new and comfortable mattress in the master bedroom - new washing machine - new TV My contract goes till May but I am moving elsewhere, so someone who is willing to arrange 2 months deposit (RMB 4600) would be great. Rent is RMB 2300/month + utilities Move in date would be around 8th / 10th of December Good landlord, agent and neighbors  If you are interested and wanna see the apartment or ask more questions, please contact me / 134 2312 3351 with Grazi