Dongguan Three Bridges International Club
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A Bridge to Different Cultures

A Bridge to the Community

A Bridge to New People

Three Bridges is a club for everyone.  Every week we’ll host different activities focused on cultural issues – North American cultures, South American cultures, African cultures, Middle-Eastern cultures, Asian cultures, etc.  The purpose is to provide a fun, lively, and friendly atmosphere in which people can learn about and experience customs and activities from countries all over the world.

Three Bridges is co-hosted by Absolute Executive, and the Stir It Up Bar & Grill.  It is held every Sunday afternoon, from 2:30-4:30.  Admission costs RMB 20, but entitles you to one free drink, and a 10% discount on food. Everyone is welcome, although some English language ability is encouraged, as some events will only use English.

Contact us: (1) John 13509220757 (English); (2) Alfred 13553862873 (Chinese & English); (3) Paul:  13418348444 (English); (4) Tao 13829159430 (Chinese); (5) Randal 18688696817 (Chinese & English)