Apartment for rent
2012-10-4 20:38:03 (from Penny American penhuawa@163.com) email to me print


 I am the owner of the property, will not charge any commission. 

An appartment  in downtown Dongguan available for rental.

Property is: Furnished
Price: 1300 RMB/Month, for 45Square meters,

Floor : 6th (  with elevator )

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

living room:1



Area: Yifeng Rd Dongcheng District,  Next to the No.1 highest building(台商大厦)

Property features:                         

Air Conditioning, Cable/Satellite TV ,washing machine,refrigerator,  sofa, bed,  wardrobe ,water heater,gas range......so on


 Residence features: 1 year contract renting at least.Many banks ,3supermarkets,2 vegetable & meat markets, fitness club, many western & Chinese restaurants, shopping  street around my apartment .easy to take  buses and taxi to where u want to go,near Starbuck coffee shop . The apartment locates aside Dongguan Avenue, near new city center square,Next to the No.1 highest building in Dongguan(台商大厦)



Parking space(free of charge)


contact details :  Mobile phone No. :13710450015 , Please message me if i miss your call .or email me penhuawa@163.com