Shenzhen government looks for 120 native english teachers
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Shenzhen government looks for 120 native english teachers ,salary up to 300000rmb annually(100%truth Vacancy number ),apartment offerd ,paid holidays

In order to speed up globalization in education system and re-structure new blue print for a better way of teaching our future generation, China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Center will recruit primary and secondary schools teachers globally basing on the Shenzhen (Guangdong province )Government Instructions. This is our announcement and standard for this recruitment.

First. Job status and Vacancy number
1.Ordinary Teacher
Teachers for primary and secondary schools from all disciplines
Vacancy number110
2.Senior Key Teacher
Teachers for primary and secondary schools from all disciplines
Vacancy number10

Second. General Standard
Applicants should be at aged between 22-60, with health certificate
and Teacher Certification from any western countries such as the
United States, Britain, Canada and etc. Candidates are required to
have teaching experience with no criminal record.

Third. Specification of Standard

1.Ordinary Teacher
1Native English speaker
2Holding Primary Teacher Certification
3Bachelor degree or above
42 years relevant working experience.

2.Senior Key Teacher
1Native English speaker
2) Holding Permanent Teacher Certification
3) Bachelor degree or above
4) 5 years relevant working experience

Forth . Task

1. Ordinary Teacher
1Teach in one subject and organize relevant social activities
2Assist the school to organize activities (including English
contest, festival parties, open class, etc.)
3Participate in relevant meetings and educational research
activities held by school
4Other work or activities agreed in contract.

2. Senior Key Teacher
1Guide and coordinate with ordinary teachers’ work
2Finish tasks as an ordinary teacher (see the four tasks above)

Five . Employment term and work treatment

Term of one year, from August 23, 2012 to August 22, 2013. At the end
of the employment, the two sides can renew the contract if willingly.

A labor agreement will be signed when formally employed. We will apply
for working visa, foreign expert certificate and residence permit.
National social security treatment is provided, also will be paid
during winter and summer vacation.

Wage includes direct salary and indirect compensations.
Direct salary
as follows: ordinary teacher’s annual salary is RMB:126,000 (before
tax, RMB), Senior Key Teacher: RMB:300,000 annually;
Indirect compensations: to provide
basic living services, include good accommodation, water and electricity,
network, communication, transportation to and from China, and other.
(See "employment contract")

Six . Applicant Materials

1Detailed Resume (should include contact details, education
background and work experience, etc.).

2Teacher Certification, academic certificate, health certificate,
and no criminal record certificate and other relevant documents.

3Copy of Passport (if don’t have one, please specify it).
4A letter of recommendation
5Two passport photos and electronic photos (JPG format)

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