Ask Geno
2012-8-17 19:25:06 (from Mark.Wen China email to me print

"Dongguan LIVE"is fantastic and is a really good program not only for foreigners but also for Dongguanese. Absolutely,i am a local guy and i see dongguan by a foreigner's eyes. It is amazing for me and i can see difference in dongguan. Geno is a good host and i like you. I am also a MTB lover and i also like travelling by bike.

Do you have a sina micro-blog account? Nowaday,we receive a lot of imformation by micro-blog and communicate by it.

"Don't worry be happy"is a very good program title and slogan.But it is over.So "Dongguan LIVE"really need a new slogan.

Wish "Dongguan LIVE"become more and more popular.Thank you

                                                                                                                                               your fan