Travel 6 cities with “Dongguan Pass”     07/25/2013 08:13

  The IC travel card for Dongguan buses and subway has been in the pipeline for a long time but it was not until 24th July that our reporters were finally informed that the Dongguan Pass Co. Ltd has been set up. With this news it is reasonable to expect the uniform travel pass for Dongguan to arrive at the end of this year. The prepaid “Dongguan Pass” will enable citizens to travel across the city using multiple bus and subway lines, but amazingly will also interconnect with public traffic systems in Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Zhuhai affording considerable convenience to intercity travel. Provincial interconnection will be gradually implemented in the years to follow. Unfortunately, interconnection between the Dongguan Pass and the Lingnan Pass remains a problem due to autonomy agreements which are looking to be resolved. Dongguan Pass is also facing difficulties connecting with public traffic systems in cities such as Guangzhou, which are also looking to be resolved.

  (By Fiona Yip and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:叶子伦