Huayang Lake Wetland Park     06/10/2015 17:10

Huayang Lake Wetland Tourist Region has a planned area of 20km2, including the 680-mu Huayang Lake. The park features a 22-km-long greenway and a 10-km-long riding route around the lake. The on-the-water greenway is decorated with rich water plants, peach flowers and willows trees. Along the riding route, there are all kinds of plant varieties, such as sakura trees, peach trees, water plants, weeping willow, cypresses, etc. Here, some of the old “eight sights of Machong” have been reconstructed, such as the Night Market at Xiyuan, Raindrops Drumming against the Banana Leave in Beiya, The Egret under the Shades of Banyan Tree. Furthermore, new attractions have been created. For instance, the Flower Field in Zexiang, The Cabin among the Banana Trees, The Pagoda Reflected in the Lakewater, and the Peach Blossom Castle. A large number of aquatic plants and animals, such as fish, shrimp, multiplied there, which attracted birds like egrets to stay again. Moreover, recreational areas with strong lingnan folklore characteristics have been built along the lake, such as the bar street, the leisure water edge, the banana woods. All this has turned Huayang Wetland Park into a lingnan style ecological wetland tourist attraction that integrates multiple functions, including leisure tourism, farming experience, popular science cognition and urban ecological guarantee.

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶