Tips and recommendations for Lunar New Year in Dongguan     02/12/2015 12:48
    Recommendation 1 – South China Mall



  Reason – Hundred yuan of lucky money and free Omnimax tickets for you

  Date: March 5th (Lantern Festival)

  How to get free Omnimax tickets: On the day of the Lantern Festival (March 5th), if you are fans of the South China Mall Wechat account, just send a picture of your family to them, you will have a chance to get free tickets to the Omnimax. Only 200 tickets are available. First send, first served.

  The Omnimax was just brought in to the mall this January. If you would like to experience the 800 square meter hemispherical screen and watch 3D movie with no dead angle. Why not simply give your smartphone a tip and shakedown for the tickets.


  Address: No. 10 Wang Dao Road, Wangjiang District

  Tel: 0769-22032556


  (1)    Bus line 3, K3, 28,L2,L3,L4,L5,59,60,89

  (2)    Tourists from other towns can take a bus to Dongguan Main Bus Station, the Mall is 500 meters opposite to the station

  Recommendation 2 – Xiangshi Zoo

  Reason – See the goats in the year of the goat


  To celebrate the year of the goat, Xiangshi Zoo will do a goat special park. Over ten kinds of goats are imported to the park, such as antelopes, argali, alpaca, sheep, Boar goats, Dongshan goats and etc. tourists can also learn knowledge and experience the life of shepherds.

  During the spring festival February 19th to March 15th, China the first original acrobatics show on the ice will be performing in Xiangshi Zoo as well.


  Address: Xiangshi tourism region (Yao Le Village), Liaobu Town

  Tel: 0769-82819988


  By Bus

  (1) Take a bus to “Liaobu overpass”, transfer to Line 10 which is a through bus to the Zoo

  (2) Take Travel Line L5A which depart from Main Station to Song Shan Lake Creative Town will pass the Zoo.

  By Car

  (1) Go through Song Shan Lake Avenue to Liaobu entrance in direction to Liaobu Government (Pan Lu Road), take a U turn at the second traffic lights and go forward for 100 meters. The Zoo will be on the right hand side.

  (2) From Guan Zhang Road to Liaobu Car City in direction to Liaobu Government, after passing Liaobu Car City will see a school on the right hand side. Go along the street in front of the school gate for 100 meters will reach the Zoo gate.

  Opening hour: 9:00 – 17:00

  Ticket: 60 yuan for Adult (Free to The Goat Culture Park in the zoo)

  (By Fiona Yip and Sev Pischl)

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