Global Doctor Dongguan Welcomes Dr. Hugo     04/08/2014 10:20

  Dongguan Medical Center was built in 2005, providing western standard medical services to all foreigners and foreign companies in Dongguan.

  The clinic has multi-lingual doctors and English speaking staff. You can have a consultation in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

  The doctors team is formed by 4 doctors:

  Dr. Ishida - Japanese

  Dr. Park - Chinese/Korean

  Dr. Wang - Chinese

  Dr. Hugo - Bolivian

  Dr. Hugo is a Bolivian Doctor with more than 15 years of experience as a medical practitioner. Graduated both in the University of Sucre/Bolivia and Buenos Aires/Argentina.

  His working experience includes:

  acute and chronic thoracic diseases

  children and women diseases

  gastroenterology and cardiovascular diseases

  emergency care

  pre-natal care

  general physician

  Dr. Hugo is a member of the Argentinean Society of Echography and Ultrasonography.

  Already worked in Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and China.

  Speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and Quechua.

  For more information please contact us at 22030011

  Business Hours - Mon to Sat from 9am to 6pm

  Emergency on call service 24/7

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