Global Doctor Dongguan Medical Center     02/27/2012 03:05

Global Doctor Dongguan Medical Center was built in 2005, proving western standard medical services to all foreigners and foreign companies in Dongguan. We have multi-lingual doctors and English speaking staffs. You can have a consultation in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

As the only international clinic in Dongguan, we provide western standard medical services such as family doctor. Patients should make an appointment first through phone or email in advance. After diagnosing, our doctors will follow up the information and it is free for patients to consult in 24 hours. 

Office Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm ( Mon - Sat )
Phone: (+86 769) 22030011 ( 24/7 Emergency)


Address: 3F NO. 28 IEO Intl Block Dynatown Dongcheng District - Dongguan
东莞市东城区星河传说IEO国际街区28号楼 环球医生东莞诊所

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