How to distinguish the varieties of litchis?     06/28/2016 15:48

You might have enjoyed quite a few litchis so far. But can you tell what varieties they are? Here let us tell you how to distinguish the five major varieties of litchis.

Guiwei (桂味)

Guiwei gets its name because it smells like fragrans. It is also called “Guizhi” and “Dailv”. The fruit top is round while the fruit shoulder is flat with blackish green spots on it. Its stalks are thin and the rind is bright red. It has milk-white and relatively firm pulp which tastes sweet and juicy with fragrans odor. The kernel is usually small.

Baila (白蜡)

Baila, meaning white wax, is mainly grown in Gaozhou and Dianbai, Maoming. Its leaves have clear leaf veins and are glossy with a layer of wax. Baila litchi has the shape of hearts or eggs, which is less sharp on the top and has a flat and sloped shoulder. The rind is scarlet, thin, and soft. Fracturing swells up and has clear fissures. Its pulp looks like white wax and tastes sweet and succulent. It also has a small kernel and special aroma.

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