DIY a Daojiao zongzi     06/06/2016 16:49

Zongzi is a special food for Dragon Boat Festival. People eat zongzi to commemorate Qu Yuan. Though Chinese people share the tradition of eating zongzi, the makings of zongzi are different from province to procince, city and city.

In Daojiao, a water town in South China famous for its zongzi, the specialty has a salty-sweet mixed taste and is popular in the region. How to create the mixed taste of zongzi? Follow the steps below then you can learn to DIY a Daojiao zongzi and a try.


The ingredients of Daojiao zongzi include:

Sticky rice (70%)

Streaky pork (30%)

Mung beans (appropriate)

Salted egg yolk (one for each)



Besides the ingredients, the seasoning also decides the taste of a Daojiao zongzi. To make a Daojiao zongzi, one will need:

Light soy sauce (appropriate)

Dark soy sauce (appropriate)

Sugar (appropriate)

White wine (appropriate)

Salt (appropriate)

Rice dumplings leaves (appropriate)



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