Do not miss eight fruits this spring     03/11/2016 11:46

  Salak looks a bit like snakeskin. (Photo/People's Daily Online)

Many people take in too much oil and grease with the delicious foods traditional to autumn and winter. Thus, editors of Health Timeshave collected eight fruits that can make people healthier in the spring.

No. 1 Produced in tropical Indonesia, Salak looks a bit like snakeskin, which is where it gets the name shepi (snake) fruit. Local girls in Indonesia regard it as a "beauty fruit" due to its rich pectin and organic acid that can nourish the skin. Its potassium content also benefits people who suffer from hypertension.

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No. 2 "Ginseng fruit, with its low sugar content and high levels of Vitamin C, can improve immunity and relieve the symptoms of colds and hay fever," said Wang Tao, a famous Chinese nutritionist.

来源:People's Daily Online     Editor:谭晶