Pay you water bill at Meiyijia     05/16/2013 09:50

  From now on, you can pay your water bill at Meiyijia. Dongjiang Water Company Limited has confirmed that water bill payments can be made at Meiyijia instead of queuing in company stores. You need only know your account number to take advantage of this convenience.

  Who can use the service?

  Users of Dongjiang Water Company Limited, Dongjiang Water Supply, Songshan Lake Water Supply and Humen Water Supply can pay their water bills in Meiyijia. This does not include those who applied for a bank counter only service.

  A friendly reminder

  Meiyijia will only accept cash for water bills. Both debit and credit cards are not acceptable. Receipts for payments made at Meiyijia will be delivered by metre checkers to the customers’ post box at the next check date.

  If the water supply is cut off due to an outstanding balance, users can call the Dongjiang Water Company Limited to restore their water supply within 24 hours.

  Dongjiang Water Company Limited Customer Services Hotline: 96968

  (By Fiona Yip and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:叶子伦