Guangdong to add robots-purchasing enterprises subsidies     01/28/2016 10:01
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Guangdong plans to provide more subsidies to enterprises purchasing robots, aiming to encourage robotic technology and application, according to Lai Tiansheng, Director General of the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong.

It was mentioned when Lai attended the first press conference of the under-going 4th Session of 12th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress together with other 3 director generals from key departments of Guangdong government. They are He Ningka, the Director General of Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, Zeng Zhiquan, Director General of the Department of Finance of Guangdong and Chen Guangrong, Secretary of Party Leadership of Department of Environmental Protection of Guangdong.

Lai introduced that now Guangdong owned a broad market of robotic industry, with over 40,000 large-scale manufacturing enterprises and over 3 trillion RMB large-scale industrial added value. At present Guangdong has 159 key robot-manufacturing enterprises, up 2.6 times over that in 2014. “While in 2015, more than 180 companies brought in industrial robots, up 80% than that of the previous year. Also 18,000 more robots have been put into use, taking up 25% of that in the whole nation.”

While speaking the challenges robotic manufacturing in Guangdong, Lai admitted that the biggest challenge was the technology, “especially technologies about the core parts of robots”.

Lai said that Guangdong has established 3 institutes specializing in intelligent manufacturing and organized 15 key enterprises to form a robotic manufacturing alliance so that together they can make technical breakthrough and promote the application of robots.

Lai emphasize that last year government has allocated special funds of 300 million RMB to subsidize enterprises purchasing robots, and more supports will go into this aspect in 2016.

(by Nan, Wendy, Iris)

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