Foreign company encouraged to the industry of coal bed methane     03/01/2013 10:51

To open up the energy industry to foreign investor, optimize the investment environment and protect the rights of investor, Chinese government promulgated Law of Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture, Law of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Joint Venture, Foreign Enterprise Law, Catalogue for Guidance of Foreign Invested Industry, Catalogue of Prioritized Foreign Invested Industries in Central-Western Areas and other laws and regulations.

On January 29, 2013, the bill of Industrial Policy of Coal Bed Methane was issued. The bill encourages all kinds of enterprise, including domestic private enterprise and foreign enterprise to invest in the coal bed methane industry, and it sets the aim that 3-5 industrial bases will be built within 5-10 years.

Catalogue for Guidance of Foreign Invested Industry is renewed every year, which conveys Chinese government’s intention on the trend of foreign investment. For the updated legal regulation, it is advisable to consult with Chinese lawyer.

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