Dongguan Plans to Launch Police Reform     09/27/2012 09:35
The kick-off ceremony of the Police Reform Pilot Project was held on September 25, 2012 at the Dongguan Public Security Department Nancheng Branch. Yan Xiaokang, Deputy Mayor and Director-General of the Dongguan Public Security Department; Lu Weiqi, Deputy Director-General of the Dongguan Public Security Department; and Qian Chao, Secretary of the Nancheng District Party Committee attended the ceremony.

According to the project, departments with similar functions will be amalgamated to simplify the administrative structure. This will mean more police personnel will be placed in practical basic-level Public Security Departments.

Qian Chao gave a detailed summary of the effects. “This is to ensure people gain a greater sense of safety, to reduce sudden public security incidents and criminal cases, to increase police visibility, to improve the rate of police efficiency, and therefore increase the satisfaction of the general public.”

At the ceremony, Lu Weiqi encouraged the Nancheng Branch to consolidate its achievements and develop a mature police operation mechanism for future reference by other Public Security Departments.

“The Nancheng-branch has done a wonderful job in carrying out grass-roots police reform, and after this pilot project, we will crystallize the successful experience and hope to further promote reform in the whole city.” Yan Xiaokang told us.

At present, the Dongguan Public Security Department has prepared an initial scheme for the reform of police operation mechanisms, revealed by an authorized person of the Dongguan Public Security Department. However, during the consultation period, the details of this scheme may not be disclosed.

(By Nicole Tan and Ken O'Flynn)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谢振华