Daojiao Town inaugurated E-commerce Industrial Park
http://www.dongguantoday.com/     10/12/2015 10:13

On 9 October, Daojiao Town of Dongguan city inaugurated its E-commerce Industrial Park, attracting e-businesses to move in.

Guests were invited to scan the WeChat platform of Daojiao E-commerce Industrial Park. (photo by Hu Guoqiu)

The first e-businesses settled coming from 10 industries, including clothing and textile, autos and parts, stationeries, medicines, furniture, jewelry, imported food, imported living articles, fine arts and aesthetic medicine.

Coming next, this e-commerce park will integrate the resources in Daojiao and promote e-commerce. First, cooperative associations will be built between domestic major e-commerce platforms and logistic providers. Second, competitive shops on Taobao.com will be introduced to assist online management and marketing. Third, industrial fund will be raised to meet companies’ capital demand. Last, associative cultural events including lectures, training, salon, and promoting meeting will be held.

According to officials from Dongguan and Daojiao, building this 60-thousand-square-meter e-commerce industrial park meets Daojiao’s goal of industry upgrade, facilitating economy restructure, and developing “New Economies” —new materials, new equipments, new hardwares, new energy, new medicines, and new models. 

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