Biomedical delegation to Dongguan seeks new industry model     03/07/2014 11:21

United Microelectronics Corp honorary vice chairman John Hsuan will reportedly lead a delegation of 20 biomedical companies to Dongguan in southern China's Guangdong province in order to have a closer look on the 1.5 billion yuan (US$245 million) market the city has opened up, writes China Times.

In contrast to the pattern of previous Taiwanese companies which brought large amounts of capital across the Taiwan Strait, Hsuan's intention is to cooperate with Dongguan authorities while the Taiwanese companies provide already mature products for cooperation. Dongguan authorities, which will hold the rights to the products for three years, will be in charge of marketing them throughout Guangdong province.

Hsuan said this approach would allow the company to keep its R&D know-how in Taiwan while opening the market in Guangdong, starting with the city of Dongguan with its population of 10 million. If sales are good in Guangdong, the model could be expanded to other provinces.

Hsuan's approach is said to be also in the interests of Dongguan as he will have brought a whole new industry which will pay dividends to the local government.

来源:Want China Times     Editor:谭晶