Huawei builds 10 billion RMB playground for workers     03/02/2017 10:44

Chinese phone maker Huawei is showing its commitment to employee satisfaction in a very big way: by constructing a massive work-entertainment-theme-park complex worth an amazing 10 billion yuan. 

The project, which is slated to complete construction this year, is located on the shore of Songshan Lake in Dongguan, Guangdong.That's only a 40-minute ride away from Shenzhen, where the company's current headquarters are located.

The video also includes several shots of what the RMB10 billion playground is projected to look like once finished. The whole thing is European-themed, with 12 areas modeled after various locations in England, France, Spain and other countries.

Area #1 is based off the campus of Oxford University, for example, giving employees a taste of what it's like to attend the exclusive school.

No European-themed park would be complete without a castle, and so this one is being built in the Luxembourg area.

In order to really give it that Old World feel, Huawei is creating an artificial river that will run through at least one area. There'll also be an old-fashioned red train to carry sightseers from place to place.

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